Reviews and feedback

Product reviews at can be seen (and given) by visiting the page of the particular product you wish to see - please scroll to the bottom of each product's page to read the listed reviews for that product. Most products have reviews although a few do not. In 2019 we had to move our website from its location on the Tictail platform after Tictail was taken over by Shopify. All our Tictail reviews were migrated over to our new website operated by Shopify but since then we have noticed a sharp reduction in buyers leaving feedback - if you have purchased stickers from us please help us and others by leaving a product review - for the sake of privacy you do not have to publish your name

As further comfort when considering whether to buy from us please see the following links to customer feedback on our Etsy store and our eBay store. our eBay store has received more than 18,000 positive feedbacks.

Obviously we would very much prefer you purchased our stickers from our independent UK store (at this website you are now viewing at  ) rather than from our eBay or Etsy stores.  Unlike these huge multinationals, we employ locally, pay UK taxes and buy only from UK suppliers- all our stickers are made in the UK.

However, there is a point to consider when deciding where to buy our products from - if you live in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand or the USA , where on-line sales taxes are levied, we would advise buying via our store at ETSY who collect and remit any sales tax due (on behalf of the buyer) and thereby facilitate customs clearance.  That being said,  we have sent many orders from our own website to the USA, Australia and other far away places and they still arrive safely without issues. 

Wherever you buy our stickers from please rest assured that we will do our utmost to consistently provide good service, great value and quality products.

Thank you