Explanation regarding our Reviews and feedback

Our first e-commerce website was hosted by TicTail  from Sweden which was taken over (and then closed down) in 2019 by Shopify who now host our website.  As a consequence, the on-line reviews we have received over the years are from three different apps; TicTail, Shopify product review and Judge-me (which we are using now).  The reviews from our TicTail customers are very brief because whatever comments there were, failed to transfer to the Shopify product review app, leaving just 1-5 star reviews to display. This is in contrast to the reviews from the Shopify product review app which are more comprehensive but far fewer in number mainly because their app didn't work very well, hence the probable reason for Shopify discontinuing it on 8th May 24.

On the 30th April 2024 (in anticipation of the closure of the Shopify product review app) we started using the Judge-Me review app but not before transferring all our existing reviews to this newly installed app,  and now all seems to work well enough,  although if you find an issue please let us know.

If you have purchased stickers from us, please help us and others by leaving a review, this would be particular helpful in cases where a product has no reviews.  This can be done by selecting the sticker listing that matches your purchase and scrolling to the bottom of the product's webpage where you will find a 'Write a review' link box

As added comfort when deciding whether to buy from us - please see our customers' reviews on our Etsy and eBay stores. our eBay store has received more than 15,000 positive feedbacks.

Clearly we would very much prefer you purchased our stickers from our independent UK store (at this website you are now viewing at  ) rather than from our eBay or Etsy stores.  Unlike these huge multinationals, we employ locally, pay UK taxes and buy only from UK suppliers- all our stickers are made in the UK.

Wherever you buy our stickers from please rest assured that we will do our utmost to consistently provide good service, great value and quality products.

Thank you